Environmental simulation

Burning heat, freezing cold, glaring sun or tropical humidity: environmental simulation in the Automotive Technical Center stands for product testing in extreme environments. Our accredited laboratory for environmental simulation is equipped with a wide range of facilities and equipment for optimal test coverage.

In addition to proven test methods and test procedures, we also develop individual procedures, if required, that are perfectly tailored to your product’s area of application.

ATB - Klimaschränke- und Kammern

Climatic Stress Screening Chambers

Climatic chambers and climatic cabinets for performing temperature tests including thermal shock cycling, humidity tests and combined test procedures with vibration and stress tests as well as sunlight simulation.

ATB - Temperature shock cabinet

Temperature shock cabinet

Temperature shock cabinet for performing temperature tests. Especially temperature shock.

ATB - Heat furnaces

Heat furnaces

The ATB heat ovens heat up quickly or delayed in each case evenly exactly up to a temperature of max. 300°C and hold it precisely.

ATB - Sunlight simulation

Sunlight simulation

Using metal halide lamps, the ATB's solar test benches simulate a nearly continuous light spectrum that closely resembles that of the sun, allowing a direct comparison to natural lighting conditions,

ATB - Xenon Test Bench

Xenon Test Bench

The xenon arc lamp produces a very realistic reproduction of the entire spectrum of sunlight, including ultraviolet light (UV), infrared light (IR) and visible light.

ATB - Salt spray chamber

Salt spray chamber

In the salt spray chamber, the ATB offers you the possibility to test metals or metallic coatings with regard to their corrosion properties.

ATB - Ozone test bench

Ozone test bench

In the ozone test chamber, the effect of ozone on elastomers and the associated cracking can be simulated, tested and documented in detail within a few days.