Linear cylinder test stands

Hydropulse, pneumatic, electric lift cylinders We realize the experimental verification of operational stability by using a wide range of cylinder test rigs, thanks to which mechanical continuous and alternating loads can be transferred to the test specimen in a precise and force-dosed manner.

We precisely and reliably simulate bending, compression and tensile loads as well as motion sequences in single or continuous operation, even in a climate-controlled environment.

Hydropulse cylinder

PLH 25R150 mm25 kN
IPLH 25K100 mm25 kN
IPLH 25K100 mm25 kN
PL40N125 mm40 kN
PL 40R400 mm40 kN
PL25N100 mm25 kN
IPLH 25K100 mm25 kN
PL 40N250 mm40 kN

Pneumatic cylinder

ADVULQ-25-2025 mm1 bis 10 bar
STA-50-30-P-A50 mm1 bis 10 bar
DNC-32-100-PPV-A100 mm1 bis 12 bar
DNC-32-250-PPV-A250 mm1 bis 12 bar
DNC-32-320-PPV-A320 mm1 bis 12 bar

Electric cylinder

KA EMF20/1550150 mm20 kN
UMF 10/350/230300 mm10 kN